About Us

Our team at HRD Bat Co. wants to bring nothing but the best quality products to players all over the world. 

With the love of baseball the owners Nick and Trevor have decided to start something to stay in the game. Nick a world champion fast pitch player from Australia, has made his way through many titles as a ball player. Trevor, playing baseball from a young age and continuing his passion in a mens league. Our craftsman Trevor Oakes has been making bats for 6 years now and has a vast knowledge of both wood science for baseball and many different model types. This helps fitting the players for exactly what they need. 

Our goal is to bring the best wood bats into the market of baseball by only using the best wood out there. Our pro grade wood combined with our finish process makes them some of the hardest bats with the biggest pop in the game

Handcrafted Bats

Every custom bat is handcrafted and offered any colour design you can imagine. Make it your way!

Pro Reserve

Each pro Reserved is thoroughly inspected to ensure the most quality. Ink Dot approved for SoG.

Stock Models

Our stock models come with a choice of sizes and barrel colours. Check out our full collection.

We offer a variety of stock models and training tools along with our specialized custom handcrafted bats. Our Custom Bats are made to your endless option of specs and designs.

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