Discover the Finest Custom Baseball Bats at HRD Bat Co.


Welcome to HRD Bat Co., where passion for baseball meets unparalleled craftsmanship. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality custom bats to players worldwide, enhancing their game with precision-engineered equipment. Our founders, Nick and Trevor, share a lifelong love for baseball, which fuels our mission to stay connected to the sport and deliver excellence.

Meet Our Founders: Nick and Trevor

Nick, a world champion fast-pitch player from Australia, has a decorated career filled with numerous titles. His expertise and experience in the sport ensure that every bat we create meets professional standards. Trevor, who has been playing baseball since childhood and continues his passion in a men’s league, brings his deep understanding of the game to our business. Together, they form the backbone of HRD Bat Co., blending their extensive knowledge and love for baseball to offer superior products.

Our Master Craftsman: Trevor Oakes

Trevor Oakes, our master craftsman, has been meticulously crafting bats for over six years. His expertise in wood science and various bat models allows him to tailor each bat to the player's specific needs. Trevor's craftsmanship ensures that every bat not only meets but exceeds performance expectations, providing players with the perfect tool to excel in the game.

Why Choose HRD Bat Co.?

Superior Quality Wood

At HRD Bat Co., we believe that the foundation of a great bat lies in the quality of the wood. We use only pro-grade wood, known for its durability and performance. Our rigorous selection process ensures that every piece of wood meets our high standards, resulting in bats that are not only hard but also offer the biggest pop in the game.

Custom Handcrafted Bats

Every bat we create is handcrafted to perfection. We offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to choose any color and design you can imagine. Whether you're looking for a bat that reflects your personal style or one that matches your team's colors, we've got you covered. At HRD Bat Co., we believe in making your bat your way.

Precision Engineering

Our finish process is a testament to our commitment to quality. Each bat undergoes a meticulous finishing process that enhances its hardness and performance. This precision engineering ensures that our bats deliver exceptional durability and a powerful hit, making them a favorite among players at all levels.

Join the HRD Bat Co. Family

At HRD Bat Co., we are more than just a bat company; we are a community of baseball enthusiasts dedicated to the game. Our mission is to provide players with the best equipment, helping them to achieve their full potential on the field. When you choose HRD Bat Co., you are choosing a legacy of quality, craftsmanship, and a passion for baseball.